• Digital Listing, Managing and Promoting Historic Buildings and Cities


  • Digital Heritage

    The numbers are talking

    Culture is the fastest growing economy in Europe

    Heritage and Monuments are part of our Culture and attracts million of people

    300.000 working positions

    on Cultural Heritage are currently existing in Europe

    27 new working positions

    are created for every 1 position on Culture

    Cultural Heritage

    is the key point to create more attractive cities in Europe

    Historic Buildings

    is a powerful advantage of Cultural Heritage

  • Innovative System

    HER.M.e.S. is an innovative system because it creates a Conservation Plan

    Buildings are artefacts

    and  the Historic City is a huge art collection that we have to exhibit in the most attractive way. HER.M.e.S. is not just another database

    Who can use it?

    HER.M.e.S. can be used by anyone who is interested on Heritage. But Local Authorities and Central Governments can benefit most by adopting and applying HER.M.e.S., since they will have a more efficient way to Manage their Heritage.

    Where does it get the data?

    HER.M.e.S. uses existing databases but also needs special information from the field. We train engineers (your team or independent teams) to get reliable information from the buildings. We also co-operate with Universities or Research Centres

  • Videos

    What is HERMeS

    in 60 seconds

    What we did in a Greek Island

    HERMeS was applied at Historic Town of HERMOUPOLIS

  • Awards

    We developed an innovative system to list, promote and manage Historic Buildings

    E.U.-Europa Nostra Award 2015

    Research & Digitisation

    HERMES won Europe’s most prestigious prize in the heritage field, Europa Nostra Award.


    Digital Heritage 2013

    Best Paper Award

    HER.M.e.S. won the "Best Paper" Award when we participated in the 1st International Conference on Digital Heritage (Marseilles, France)

    8th European Quality Conference in Public Administration

    Representing Greece

    HER.M.e.S. represents Greece on this Quality Conference organised by European Institute of Public Administration

  • They talk about us

    Interviews, Newspapers, TV and Radio

    National TV Station SKAI

    reports on HERMeS

    Interview to "Athens 9.84"

    Interview of HER.M.e.S. developer Pavlos Chatzigrigoriou

  • Who are we

    A group of young creative people

    We Care About Heritage

    This is our team

    We are a group of young Architects, Developers and Researchers. We care about people and about Heritage

    We're Always Listening

    We are here to help you

    We will guide you step by step and then we will be here to help you again

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